About M&S Processed Brass

M&S Armament LLC. is owned by Mario Marietta in Clinton, Indiana. The company has recently experienced considerable growth: we have built a new facility & upgraded to some of the best automated machinery for brass processing.

We offer a full line of service for Pistol: 9mm, .40 S&W, & .45 ACP & Rifle: .223/5.56 & .308/7.62. Simply purchase your service & in 5 business days (or less) you recieve your brass, fully processed. Our online store also features a full line of ready to load brass that you can purchase.

Our facility is capable of running 100,000 plus pieces per week. We welcome customers of all sizes & offer industry pricing for orders of 10,000+ pieces. Whether you are a hobby shooter, competitior, or high volume manufacturer, we can handle all your needs!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call (765) 505-1387 or shoot us a e-mail on the contact page.