Large Flat Rate .223 / 5.56 NATO Brass Processing Service (2,500+)




No reason to count or weigh out your .223/5.56 Brass for processing anymore. Fill a USPS Large Flat Rate box & we will process it for a flat fee of $95.00. A USPS Large Flat Rate box will hold 2,500 + .223/5.56 cases!  Please be sure to line box with bag & tape box well!

100% processing of 2,500 count .223/5.56 NATO customer supplied brass. Return shipping included! Price includes cleaning inside and out, polishing, depriming, swaging (crimp removed), full length sizing and trimming brass to correct length. Simply ship your brass to us and we will process and return ship for $95.00 per 2,500 + pieces of .223/5.56 NATO brass. If you have any questions please feel free to call us or e-mail


The brass you send us is the brass you receive back we don’t swap products!

M&S Armament LLC. is not responsible for any damaged or lost brass do to improper packaging.

Effective 4-23-20 M&S Processed Brass isn’t responsible for “PROCESSING SERVICE” packages that have been lost or damaged upon RETURN shipping to customer.  USPS offers $50.00 insurance on all items.  You will now be able to purchase additional insurance with our processing service to better protect your package return.

If you choose NOT to purchase additional insurance, you will only be entitled to $50.00 claim from USPS, NOT M&S PROCESSED BRASS.



NOTE: All orders go through the following process decapping, swage (crimp removed), sized, trimmed & wet media cleaned. All rifle brass is trimmed to SAAMI spec .223/5.56 (1.750″) & .308/7.62 (2.005″) anything under this will remain at present length. All additional brass preparation is up to end user.

We have a minimum order of 1,000 pieces of processing. If you have over 1,000 cases but not enough to complete a 2nd order – we will prorate the order & simply bill you for additional work.

Need to process 10,000+ units? e-mail: for quantity discount pricing! We welcome individual orders as well as commercial orders for gun shops, ammunition re-manufacturers, etc.


Your packaged brass can be shipped to:

M&S Armament
Attn. Mario
P.O. Box 202
Clinton, IN 47842