Match .223/5.56 Processing & Annealing Service


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Premium Brass Processing Service includes the following.

All brass has been through the following process.

Sized -Using Mighty Armory Gold Series die & verified with Dillon Precision Case Gauge

Trimmed- 1.745 +/- .003


Stainless Steel Media wet cleaned & crushed corn cob media final polishing.

Annealed using Annealeez machine set to the standard procedure that Annealeez suggest.

FAQ about this service.

Why don’t you chamfer?

These are very specific things to the end user. Some customers don’t chamfer some like a basic chamfer & some prefer VLD chamfer.


When do I need the Premium Service over Basic Service?

I would only purchase the Premium Service if I had matching brand brass that I was looking to do more match/competition/hunting with. For 99% of our customers, our standard
regular service is great & very cost-friendly.

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