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.223/5.56 Federal (FC) Mix with few other major brands LC, WCC, etc.  Sourced from Law Enforcement training facility. Brass is trimmed to 1.745 +/- .005   Federal FC brass runs shorter from factory which means some maybe under 1.745 trim length.

All rifle brass is fully processed decapped, sized ,trimmed, swaged & corn cob media polished.  All brass is ready to load just add primer, powder & bullet.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us or e-mail mario@msprocessedbrass.com


M&S Armament LLC. isn’t liable for any misuse of product inside.  Reloading is dangerous & should be done to spec of a reputable reloading manual.

NOTE: M&S Armament LLC. provides product & service suitable for most reloaders but for some additional brass preparation maybe needed such as chamferring, deburring, belling, etc. depending on customers use.

All sales are final after 30 days of arrival. After 30 days we assume customers have had time to inspect & approve of product or service.

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